The best domain name generators on the web

April 28, 2024

Around September 2022, one of my most-used web tools suddenly went offline. This tool was NameMesh, the best domain generator tool I've ever encountered.

If you have ever had to find an available domain for a side project, you know how hard it can be. Most domains that use common words or are very short in length are either taken or priced as premium. Nowadays, finding a free domain using pronounceable English words at a regular price is like finding a needle in a haystack.

NameMesh was definitely a great tool that could help anyone with that job. But after it was shut down, we were left with very few good alternatives. That's why a friend and I decided to take action and develop a free domain generator web app that would serve as an alternative for NameMesh users. It ended up being more difficult than we initially thought.

Why was NameMesh my top choice?

What made NameMesh awesome was its ability to continuously generate new domain suggestions (you just had to keep scrolling). It was the only tool I knew that could do that. Most of the alternatives out there return a fixed number of results for each search query, which is not ideal for finding a good domain name.

NameMesh Screenshot

Key features I loved about it

  • Ability to generate infinite domain suggestions (not a fixed number)
  • Not showing unavailable or premium suggestions
  • Different word generation algorithms (prefix, suffix, replace with numbers, synonyms, clean top-level domains)
  • Ability to control domain length (min and max)
  • It was reliable and fast

None of the alternatives are perfect

The alternatives left that are free to use are not as good, not even our own. Nevertheless, let's take a look at the free domain name generator websites out there that I know about.

List of free domain name generators

Instant Domain Search offers a fast and thorough way to search for available domain names, extensions, and domains for sale. It provides an easy-to-use platform where users can quickly find and register domains, making the process simple and efficient.

Instant Domain Search Screenshot

Namecheap Beast Mode

Namecheap Beast Mode is a powerful domain search tool offered by Namecheap that allows users to find and register multiple domain names quickly by combining keywords and filtering through various extensions and options.

Namecheap Beast Mode Screenshot

Shopify Domain Name Generator

Shopify Domain Name Generator is a free tool that helps users find the perfect domain name for their business. By entering keywords, the generator suggests available domains with various extensions, and checks their availability instantly.

Shopify Domain Name Generator Screenshot


Domainr is a domain search engine that helps users find available domain names across numerous extensions, offering real-time availability checks and alternative suggestions for creative and effective web addresses.

Domainr Screenshot


DomainWheel is a free domain name generator that provides instant suggestions based on your keywords using AI. It helps you find creative and available domain names by generating ideas that rhyme, sound similar, or are randomly suggested.

DomainWheel Screenshot


Nameboy is a domain name generator that helps users find creative and available domain names by combining keywords, making it ideal for businesses, startups, and personal projects.

Nameboy Screenshot


Naminum is a free, powerful, and blazingly fast domain name generator and search engine, allowing users to quickly generate and check the availability of domain names in various extensions.

Naminum Screenshot

Name Lantern

Name Lantern is a domain name generator that assists users in finding unique, available domain names by combining keywords and suggesting creative options for businesses and personal projects.

Name Lantern Screenshot

Name Bounce

Name Bounce is a domain name generator that helps users find creative and available domain names by combining keywords with various extensions, ideal for businesses and personal projects.

Name Bounce Screenshot

Lean Domain Search helps users discover available domain names by combining keywords with thousands of potential options, making it easy to find creative, relevant, and memorable domain names quickly.

Lean Domain Search Screenshot

Micro Domains

Micro Domains offers a domain name generator focused on creating short, catchy, and brandable domain names, ideal for startups and entrepreneurs seeking a memorable online identity.

Micro Domains Screenshot

Name Grep

Name Grep is a domain name search tool that allows users to find available domain names by filtering and matching keywords, providing creative and relevant options for various projects.

Name Grep Screenshot


NameSnack is an AI-powered domain name generator that combines keywords to create unique, brandable, and available domain name suggestions, catering to businesses and personal projects.

NameSnack Screenshot

One Word Domains

One Word Domains is a database of more than a million available and brandable one-word domain names, ideal for finding unique names for your next startup idea.

One Word Domains Screenshot


NameQL helps you find a great name by searching tens of thousands of potential names and showing you the best options, only suggesting names with available .com domains.

NameQL Screenshot


Panabee is a versatile online tool for generating domain, app, website, and business names. It offers suggestions based on related words, translations, and alternate spellings, helping users find the perfect name effortlessly.

Panabee Screenshot


Brandpa offers a curated selection of premium, ready-to-use domain names for businesses, streamlining the branding process with creative, memorable options and professional logo designs included.

Instant Domain Search Screenshot


Namekrea is an open-source AI domain name generator powered by GPT-2, helping users find creative and available domain names by intelligently combining keywords for various projects.

Namekrea Screenshot